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What is a Wholly Human?

Think about your best day - everything flows, your experiences seem easy and rewarding. You feel like your best self, living out your purpose for being here - and loving every minute of it.

Does that sound like a Wholly Human to you?

It's simple, almost too simple to believe it's true.


Being Wholly Human comes down to purposeful use of BODY, MIND, and alignment with SPIRIT. This triad is so important, we even have a term for it- the Tri-Vector.

But let's keep this simple for now...

Why is the BODY so important to Being Wholly Human?

If you didn't have a BODY, where would you be? How would you experience this world? Hard questions, right? They go to show... your BODY is the foundation to a human experience.

Other cool things about your BODY...


How it routes information can make or break how your mind works! Have you ever tried to rationally figure something out when your body was in an alarm state? How easy was it to do that? If your BODY works like most do... it is almost impossible to think clearly and make your best decisions when your BODY is in a stress state out... not to mention how hard it is communicate clearly and kindly when you're freaking out.

How it stores information can influence your MIND (and alignment with SPIRIT) too! Have you heard terms like "cellular memory"? There is a lot of scientific research that proves your BODY stores biochemical data and emotional information "in case you need it later". Unfortunately, your BODY stores the memory that it's getting, not what you wish it were getting. For example, if you're constantly stressed out, your BODY accommodates that, and prepares for more stress- even if you'd rather it constantly prepare you to be calm.

Calm the body...

Why is the MIND so important to Being Wholly Human?

If you didn't have a MIND, where would you store your experiences? What would make you uniquely you- how would you express your Personality? Again, hard questions, right? They go to show... your MIND is also a cornerstone to a human experience.

Other cool things about your MIND...


It has the power to create your experience. Have you heard that your thoughts create your reality? You are toting around a very advanced broadcaster and tuner in your head... yet most people don't even begin to understand just how impressive and important that detail is, and they waste it on limited, repetitive thoughts.

It has the power to heal, in so many ways. Not only are there countless studies on how the MIND can heal the BODY, the MIND can heal so much more. The stories you create- and challenge and recreate- about your life can heal your past. Going even bigger, how you choose to see your ancestry, and even humanity, can assist in healing the collective.

Balance the mind...

...Now you're ready to align.

Now let's circle back to our definition of a Wholly Human... living in flow, acting with purpose, loving the experience of being here... how does that happen?

That comes from alignment with your soul, and your source. That alignment should be easy... natural... effortless... and IT CAN BE. It just takes some active participation on your part to calm your BODY, balance your MIND... and allow that ability to align. Align to what? Whatever you choose to experience!

Sounds good, right?

The sole aim of this site is to give people the tools needed to calm the BODY and balance the MIND, creating the perfect conditions to align. Just by reading this page, you have the recipe for success!


However, if you want to learn some simple tools for working with your BODY, MIND and SPIRIT, we invite you to continue...

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