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The wholly Human Initiative is meant to be a movement.
Has it called to you?

Vision for the Wholly Human Initiative

There can be some really cool things that happen when we all join together to change a paradigm...


We put together The Wholly Human Experience as a first bridge to help people identify and enact how they can live a Wholly Human life on a personal level. It's designed as a learning platform, a tool and a support system, all in one. It's meant to light a spark... to illuminate a path... and then what?


To move the needle on an entire culture, one push gets a bit of traction... but several pushes all directed the same way at the same time?


Now that initiates a movement... and changes a paradigm...


Curious about joining us??

Who Might hear the call?

Calling all Wholly Human researchers, teachers, knowledge keepers...

Calling Researchers.png

What have you dedicated your life to knowing? To researching? To teaching? What do you think the world would look like if everyone knew it… and used it??


If you're here, maybe you hold a piece of wisdom and would like to share it with the audience that is attracted to Being Wholly Human.


We built The Wholly Human Experience as a central path, a bridge. It deliberately lays the main tracks to set the groundwork for readiness and interest into deeper dives. And that's where you come in!


Do you see a connection between The Wholly Human Experience and your work? If so, learn more here.

Calling all Wholly Human authors and written storytellers...

Calling Storytellers.png

To those of you who like to tell stories, create real, relatable characters and get people interested in following them on their journey...


How amazing would it be if these characters modeled Wholly Human lives? That doesn't mean they need to be perfect... on the contrary... people really respond to seeing how people like them get themselves into jams... and also straight back out of them!


The Wholly Human Movement needs storytellers like you; writers often touch all aspects of culture, from books to scripts to lyrics.


Are you looking to add a new dimension to your characters? Help people identify with their own stories in a whole new way?

Calling all Wholly Human coaches and group facilitators...

Calling Facilitators.png

Perhaps your passion is working closely with individuals or small groups, guiding them to maximize their potential.


Maybe you already have a coaching or instruction model you use, and you're looking to supplement it. Or maybe you're starting fresh, and looking for a new way to help people dig into self.


Either way, The Wholly Human Initiative needs coaches and leaders like you! Some people thrive with a "do it with me" approach, and we want to enable you to support them from a Wholly Human perspective.

Calling all Wholly Human musicians, lyricists and sound masters...

Calling Musicians.png

The Wholly Human Initiative has deep roots in sound. As you likely know, a precursor that enabled us to be here today was the instillation of the Triad Wave.


While the Triad Wave has already completed its path, Wholly Humans still need vibrational support. We need music that understands frequency, and its effect on a human. We need lyrics that get in our head and support us, instead of subtly undermine our thoughts.


A core principle of the Wholly Human is vibration- recognizing it, interpreting it- using it. And what is music, if not sound, if not vibration?


Are you the type of musician who agrees?

Calling all Wholly Human film producers, content creators and visual storytellers

Calling Content Creators.png

It's no secret- people respond to visual content and crave it on a daily basis.


The question is- what are they currently engaging with? Is their mind filled with graphic images of people harming others, lying, manipulating?


How different would our world look if we saw stories of interesting people, with real challenges, who support each other and use Wholly Human tools to navigate their landscape?


What if the brilliant storytellers out there created stories that educated while entertaining? How would that shape the story we all create and live?

Calling all Wholly Human business leaders and entrepreneurs...

Calling Corporate.png

What would our world look like if businesses approached colleagues, employees and customers from a Wholly Human standpoint?


Most people spend a high percentage of their waking days in the workplace. Fostering an environment that acknowledges our Wholly Human aspects and encourages blending intellect with Intelligence has the potential to create an entirely new way of doing business.


Regardless of whether you want to bring The Wholly Human Experience to a small team or huge corporation, we want to help you create a Wholly Human workplace!

Maybe you're curious and want to explore what your participation looks like...

We don't have set rules for how each person contributes their piece of the puzzle- it's highly individualized.


We do believe any collaboration has to be:

  • Fully aligned with Wholly Human principles and contributing positively to the Wholly Human Initiative

  • Fully in support of you- your intellectual property is respected and your contribution is acknowledged

  • Benefits all Wholly Humans as a whole


From there, we write our rules together!




Full disclosure... we're new to this wide level of collaboration, and we have limited bandwidth since every day, we're working to bring you new content. Therefore, there is a chance we don't reply immediately... and also a chance we say, "hey, you have a really cool idea but we're not quite ready for you"... but please know, if you see where you fit, we want to hear from you!

Interested? Get in touch below!

I see a fit!

If you hear the call to collaborate with The Wholly Human Initiative, filling in this form is the fastest and easiest way to let us know.

You're awesome!We are so excited to get to know you!

Separately, we know stuff about stuff. Together... we can change the world.

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