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Separately, we know stuff about stuff. Together... we can change the world.

What have you dedicated your life to knowing? To researching? To teaching?


What do you think the world would look like if everyone knew it… and used it??


If you're on this page, maybe you heard a whisper from The Wholly Human Initiative, inviting you to join us. Maybe you hold a piece of wisdom and are considering sharing it with the audience that is attracted to Being Wholly Human.


We want to acknowledge- you have likely invested considerable time and effort into curating your knowledge and techniques- as we have- so when invite you to "share" your wisdom, please know the request is not to "donate" your body of work.


We picture a partnership with The Wholly Human Initiative to be a way a new audience can meet you, get started with your wisdom and tools, and choose to dive deeper as they wish to do so.


Here are a few core principles on how our vision of an educational collective works...


  • We believe no one person holds all the pieces

  • Many of us say similar things because we all have equal access to Intelligence, so we strive to translate where all experiential vocabulary overlaps, making things easier for people to learn

  • We ask questions, give possible answers, and encourage each learner to decide how the knowledge fits within their own landscape

  • We focus on education, not indoctrination

  • We collaborate, we don't compete


While there are many ways to navigate coming together- and they are all on the table- our vision of a partnership is outlined below.

Our Vision for the Wholly Human Collective

We start with The Wholly Human Experience as the primary bridge

We built The Wholly Human Experience because people need somewhere to start. If they adopt even half the tools contained there and don't go further, they will still change their vibration, their life, and the collective.


Also, we know learners have limits with attention span, what they are able to remember and apply. Knowing that, the Wholly Human Experience is designed as a Quick Start Guide, one that focuses on the basics, lays the tracks for each learner to decide what interests them most and gives them a strong launching pad to leap.


And that's where you come in! Your work takes them across their next bridge.

Then we co-create a bridge to your body of knowledge

When considering the knowledge you have to share, have you ever asked yourself, "this is amazing information, how can I get it in front of more people?" or even "this isn't hard, why does it seem like no one understands?"? Many trailblazers echo these sentiments- a desire to share their knowledge with the world, and have it easily understood.


We suggest one possible solution- what if you put it in front of people who ordinarily wouldn't stumble across you, and what if you put it in a different format?


With these things in mind, we aim to work with you to configure your information into a format for the Wholly Human audience. We talk a lot about bridges; when looking at your knowledge, what is the next bridge a person could want to cross after The Wholly Human Experience? We can often figure this out by answering the question, "how do I get started in teaching someone else what I know and/or do?". That answer is likely the best content to target to bridge someone from The Wholly Human Experience to your body of work, and we are offering to build that bridge with you.


How could that look? We propose that one of our instructional design team will work with you to determine:


  • Overall content blueprint: first step is figuring out what from your body of work is the natural next step from The Wholly Human Experience.

  • Specific content selection: from our mutually determined blueprint, we identify key points that must come through for the learner to understand your perspective, and the tools they use to apply your work.

  • Teaching and resource material: to be as inclusive as possible, we focus on online content- it is the most accommodating to time zones and income levels. In most cases, this includes recording videos. Don't worry, it's fun, not scary- we'll do this with you! We have a formula for conversing onscreen and we offload little details like filming and editing, making the process as easy and natural as possible for you.

You can partner with The Wholly Human Collective, yet also operate separately

You probably have loads of things to share, and we encourage you to maintain your own brand separate from whatever you decide to offer to the Wholly Human audience.


We believe a partnership will work well if our initial co-creation is offered via the Wholly Human Content Hub and it bridges the learner directly to you for future classes, coaching, books, Instagram stories... whatever it is you do.


If you don't currently have a strong online brand, we can support you in starting one. While established instructors with big brands are great, the collective is not exclusive and focuses on giving a voice to any and all that are resonant to the Wholly Human audience. Again, this is not "for the low, low price of...". We sincerely want all to grow and thrive by their association with The Wholly Human Initiative.

Your contribution gets acknowledged

The Wholly Human Initiative is a passion project, not a profit endeavor. We do believe work has to be acknowledged and rewarded... but this is designed to be a partnership that operates via reciprocity and enables all to flourish.


While this is about people, not money, and those who come to the table will likely be driven by a deep sense of duty to humanity... through years of experience, we have found these core principles to be true:


  • You can only help someone as much as they are willing to help themselves

  • People are less likely to value things that are freely given

  • When someone gives and gives with no reciprocity, it creates an imbalance of a different kind


In this 3D reality, we use money as a marker of exchange. It symbolizes work that was done, and using it signifies that something is important to us.


Because of these principles, we believe we have to charge people for most of the content we offer.


With that said... we strive to make the fee as balanced as possible; as fair to all parties as possible.


How that looks can be up to the instructor. Perhaps there are some tools you want to offer free, and then charge for others. Perhaps you offer a taste of your broader work through the Wholly Human Initiative for a smaller fee, and charge higher rates in the next steps the learner takes with you. Perhaps you want to set a fee, but offer a "scholarship" for applicants who demonstrate they will truly use and honor the knowledge. Perhaps you determine all who experience your content must pay the same fee, and providing exceptions is unfair. Lots of "perhaps" come into play, so we would like to work with you to determine a fee structure that is right for you, the learner, and the Wholly Human Initiative collective.

I see a fit!

If you hear the call to collaborate with The Wholly Human Initiative, filling in this form is the fastest and easiest way to let us know.

You're awesome! We are so excited to get to know you!

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