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The Wholly Human Tools All Align with The Tri-Vector...

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... so what is a Tri-Vector??

The Tri-Vector™ works under the premise that you are a product of SPIRIT / INTELLIGENCE (or Source, God, The Creator, Divine Intelligence, The Field, The Energy, The Universe, The Fill-In-Your-Blank).


SPIRIT / INTELLIGENCE creates a BODY / FORM to have this experience.


The BODY / FORM then builds a database in the mind, and develops INTELLECT.


Believe it or not, the mind / INTELLECT and BODY / FORM are always seeking a way home, back to that connection to SPIRIT / INTELLIGENCE. And the loop continues!


This does not mean the BODY / FORM has to perish to return home to SPIRIT / INTELLIGENCE. What if we were totally plugged into DIVINE INTELLIGENCE at all times, while here in this BODY? Wow... think of all the things we could do!

As you read this, you may notice the three core Tri-Vector pillars are ancient, validated and simple concepts. Body / Mind / Spirit feels familiar to many people.

what makes the Tri-Vector™ approach unique?

The Tri-Vector™ works all three aspects as a unit.


Many people are stronger in one area than another, and most classes or techniques focus more on one area than another. The Tri-Vector™ takes them all as a harmonious unit, and encourages you to look at all aspects of your life as a product of the combination of the three.


Your routing and connections are only as strong as your weakest Tri-Vector™ link.

The Tri-Vector™ is NOT about perfection.


You might be an overall calm and grounded person, but what happens inside your body when you're about to go into a stressful meeting with your manager? What is racing through your mind when you get a call from school, saying a kid you care about has been in a fight? No matter what your daily baseline is... you WILL be in situations that have the potential to disrupt your physical and mental routing, after all, this is life on Earth!


Even the healthiest, most positive, most connected people sometimes get knocked off of their center... and that's okay.

The Tri-Vector™ tools focus on simplicity.


There are so many wonderful ideas, techniques and modalities out there that will help you balance or optimize each Tri-Vector™ area. We know- we'll recommend some! Yet with that said... we designed The Wholly Human Experience™ to give you every core Tri-Vector ™ tool you'll need, with two simple goals- to feel better, and to feel EVEN better! All tools work when you're feeling scattered and want to return to center, AND when you're centered and want to take yourself deeper into living Wholly Human.


If you can't remember a tool... if you can't quickly and quietly use it in any environment... if you're not quite sure how a tool works... are you really going to use it?


Curious? Here is an overview on each piece of the Tri-Vector

How do we look at



When looking at the BODY, we consider it from a biological perspective. We think about the nervous system, the neurotransmitters you’re circulating, how your systems are talking to each other and working together, and how you are enabling your body to communicate at a cellular level. We also want to think about how you associate- or disassociate- with being fully in your own body. Do you like your body? Or do you take it for granted and prefer to stay in your head?


When the BODY / FORM needs help, it feels unsettled, like there is a threat or problem on the horizon (even when there is not). It’s hard to focus, and things feel harder to do than they should. Typically this means you’re in what is commonly known as a fight or flight mode… and here’s the kicker.


Plenty of people can have their body in a fight or flight mode without even being in a situation that calls for fight or flight! We get so used to being in heightened states of emotion or stress, many of us create something we call adrenal burnout. If this is where you are (either all day, every day or just for a few minutes), you might want to reset your nervous system and cell communication.


While there are several ways to support a body reset, we offer three tools - The Reset Breath, Quiet Touch and Your 18 Inches - as ways to quickly and discreetly offer the body a PAUSE, giving it a path to reset and balance in the moment.


How do we look at



When looking at the mind, there is a lot going on! First, what kinds of things do you believe about yourself and the landscape around you? What you tell yourself impacts what you say and how you act. The viewpoints on which you have based your thoughts and actions likely either support or hinder you. You likely have several Personas you call upon as needed; we consider Personas as sets of behaviors that a person learns to use, which may or may not be their true preference of how to act.


When the mind needs help, you probably feel like a crazy person. If your life were a comic strip, your words might have to all be replaced with symbols because they’re not very nice. You might not be interacting with others as your best self. Sometimes you even hear your words and see your actions and think-- who AM I right now?? Typically this means one or more of the things listed above (Viewpoints, Thoughts, Words, Actions, Personas and/or Emotions) aren’t matching in Vibration, which means they aren’t in resonance.


As an example, let’s say your words and smile are trying to say all is fine but on the inside, you’re stressed out and think the people around you are being ridiculous. Using those two examples, smiling is great, and sometimes, telling people they’re being ridiculous is great. The problem comes with the lack of harmony between the two; when you think one thing yet say/do another. Or when you tell yourself something but you don't really believe it. When your Personality, your true Soul Personality, is cast aside over and over again, you typically feel out of resonance. When your thoughts don’t line up with your words and actions, you feel (and probably come across) like you aren't authentic.


If you are out of resonance with your mind (either all day, every day or just for a few minutes), you likely need to heighten your awareness of how you see your landscape, what you tell yourself, the Personas you have built and how you allow/navigate emotions... then make new Choices.


Your connection to SPIRIT is a very personal choice, and no one is here to tell you the “right” or “wrong” way to do it. With that said… we will go on record that a Wholly Human believes in a power greater than the individual and believes we humans are a divine creation that comes from a pure place. Some call that Source, God (and various titles for God), The Absolute, The Creator, Divine Intelligence, the big MIND, to name a few.


When the connection to SPIRIT needs help, you might look around and think, really? Is this it?? I thought it would be better… even if your life is by most definitions great. You probably seek knowledge outside of yourself, not fully trusting your inner voice and its ability to connect into Divine Intelligence.


This could mean you’ve conditioned yourself to trust external, not internal. Perhaps you’ve bought into the idea, even if at a subconscious level, that you are separate from Source. You may have adopted the viewpoint that "we’re all alone here", that “the universe doesn’t have your back” or that “God likes everyone else more than you”.


If you aren’t connected into Spirit (either all day, every day or just for a few minutes), the first step to reconnection is to reset the routing in your body and reconcile the happenings in your mind. When your body or mind is feeling scattered, there's less room to acknowledge the connection to Source. We share techniques designed to help you trust in self, improve how you intake and interpret vibration, and allow the connection to Source by using Your 18". See how the Tri-Vector™ all works together?

How do we connect to



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