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What Topics Are in the Wholly Human Experience- And WHY?

You might be wondering what you will see over in the subscription section of the site.


That's why Andrea made this 12 minute video- it gives an overview of the topics, along with why they could be beneficial to you.

You might also be thinking "Mind Body Spirit... blah blah blah... what makes this different than other platforms?

We feel the Wholly Human Experience is very different than a typical "online class". How, you might ask?

The History is deep...

The Wholly Human Initiative was born through the impressive work of:


Quiet Miracles, which worked with balancing the nervous system of the body as a way to balance the overall person.

The Triad Wave, which worked to balance overarching frequencies, helping a person to come into rhythm with themselves and Earth. 

EarthProject777 which worked to balance the field of our planet, counter-balancing frequencies deemed unhelpful to the human structure.

MUCH was learned (or perhaps remembered?) through these projects and many, many people dedicated their lives to these causes (or similar ones). We honor their contribution by continuing to keep this sacred and ancient information accessible and relevant.

Starry Night Breath.jpg
You choose which topic to experience, and when.

All rules are broken- there is no set "lesson plan"! We do give suggestions on how you might combine the topics, but every person will come to this collection from a different place of previous experience, with different goals and interests.


We respect that, so we use The CHOICE Approach™ to enable you to shape your own path.


See more about The CHOICE Approach™ here.

Rock Path.png
It's designed to get you going fast!

We know that things that are quick and simple get used... so the structure is as quick as simple as possible. You won't need to stream hours of information before finding out what to do with it.

Therefore, you'll notice the structure supports immediate use of all topics. Also, there is a good chance you have awareness around one (or many) of the topics... so the sections are designed to move with you; from "do you know it", to "do you use it", then "do you use it consistently " and finally "do you use it consistently and consistently well".

It's built in a new paradigm of "business".

The Wholly Human was not created as a typical "company" focused on profits. It is created as a for-the-people, by-the-people platform, with the intent to all grow together.

Yes, we currently have a temporary charge to opt-in. Our goal is to get people to USE the methods, and be honest with yourself- how many free tools have you downloaded and never opened? Free webinars that you signed up for but didn't even listen to the recording? Free doesn't usually equal usage- it sadly often gets the opposite effect. 

We think The Wholly Human Experience will inspire your participation, so we structured it so when you participate, you earn all but $22 of your initial charge back.


There are several ways to measure participation, check out this page to learn more about how this works.


Want to Know the 18 Topics in the Wholly Human Experience?

If you are interested in a concise list of topics contained in The Wholly Human Experience...

  1. Directive and Absolutes... along with Distractions and Detours. What were the agreements upon coming here, and how do we get ourselves away from our own purpose?

  2. Choicepoints. Every moment is an opportunity to make a choice.

  3. Density, Clarity and Neutrality. Neutrality as point of balance.

  4. Recognize -> Reconcile -> Resolve. The primary tool for unraveling it all.

  5. The Tri-Vector Overview. Understanding and maximizing your blend of Body/Form, mind/Intellect and Spirit/Intelligence.

  6. Living in a Skin Suit. Your unique avatar and equipment for your human experience.

  7. The Reset Breath (RB). Balance the sympathetic and parasympathetic nervous system in 30 seconds or less.

  8. Quiet Touch (QT). Create an oxytocin- streaming circuit using your own body.

  9. What are Your 18 Inches? (18"). Understanding and using your energetic buffer zone.

  10. RBQT-18": Joining RB, QT and 18". The power of using three primary tools at once.

  11. Intelligence, Intellect and Interpretation (I - i - I). Accessing Divine Intelligence, storing and using personalized Intellect... and the Interpretation of both.

  12. Emotions from a Tri-Vector Perspective. How emotions cloud the body, mind and connection to Intelligence... and ideas to remove those clouds.

  13. Thoughts, Words and Actions, with Viewpoints and Vibration (<TWA>). The stories we tell ourselves shape our experience.

  14. Personality and Personas. We came here to be someone specific... do we know who that is, or have we bought into stories about who we're "supposed to be" instead?

  15. The Ping Pong Ball. Duality and to take two options and look for a balanced third point of perspective.

  16. Center in Your 18". Go deeper into you. Operate from your heart space.

  17. Calibrate Your 18". Be purposeful with your own vibration; use your vibration to align with a desired experience.

  18. Clear Your 18". Clean up unneeded vibrations.

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